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For more than 20 years, With the help of our caring and giving partners in ministry, we have fed and educated children in the island country of Haiti. We can not do it alone, we need the help of people like you. Together, there is Hope for Haiti.

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Reach Out

Work with members of your church, business or community to make a difference in the lives of others.

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Urgent Projects

Our Mission

We currently helping to rebuild the school at Delmas 32, a subdivision of Port-au-Prince. The original building was leveled by the Jan 2010 earthquake that killed almost 250,000 people and left millions homeless. We hope to find an Architect and a project manager to go down with us to look over what the Haitian Architect and engineer are doing and help us to understand and plan work trips in the near future.

Coming soon

Do you have time and  like to volunteer to  help those less fortunate. We  need people who feel comfortable on the phone.

If interested you will be calling churches, telling them about H.I.I. and setting weekday appointments with Pastors and Mission Directors with Mike and Don. This will be purely voluntary and on an as needed basis.

GROUP FROM Your church, business or community group  GO ON MISSION TO HAITI.


We wish to announce that YOUR GROUP  went with us to Haiti to work on a project or even to see what everyone is talking about. Will you consider stepping out of your comfort zone for a trip to the poorest country in this hemisphere? We promise that if you have never been to a third world country, this trip will be a LIFE CHANGING experience. So talk with your Pastor, your boss or a group of friends about joining us on a VACATION WITH PURPOSE and A TIME YOU WILL NEVER FORGET

Find your purpose by helping others

Meet Our Team

Mike hall

Founder/Executive Director

  • Educating Children
  • Feeding Children
  • Adult Education

Hope in Action

Sandy Goins


Board Member

previl opont

Haitian Director

Port au Prince, Haiti

  • Work Teams to help with projects
  • Awareness trips for understanding
  • Clean water Projects for communities

Don Rowley

Overseas Director

Social Media Mgr.